Who Can Benefit from Energy Medicine?



Shamanism is raw.

I’ll be totally honest in that. It’s not for relaxation. It’s not just for balancing your energy or getting that ‘energy buzz.’ Don’t get me wrong, you’ll leave feeling all of those things. But you definitely won’t fall asleep on the table during the process.

This energy medicine goes deep…like waaaaay deep. The purpose is to clear patterns that are impervious to other modalities. We work the stuck energy that is causing obstacles, emotional reactions, etc. But in order to do this, you have to step up.

The shaman is just a facilitator. Your conduit, if you will, between the energetic realm and your physical being. You have to be willing to face and own your underlying issues in order to process and release them. It can be scary. It can be difficult. As the image up top says, you may only work what you can see and acknowledge, which isn’t always a delight. But you won’t be able to deny the beauty and peace that lies at the other end.

“So Beth, you still haven’t answered my question. Who needs energy medicine?”


My answer is everyone. We all have shadow work to do (by this I mean the stuff you shove down to deal with later). But I understand that clarifies nothing. 😀 So here I go!

•Feeling unlike yourself

•Having recurring patterns of behavior/circumstances (i.e.overreacting for no reason, being stuck in bad habits, feeling stuck in a cycle)

•Being triggered (aka freaking out) by something done or said to you/around you. This can be an understood trigger (like getting upset when someone raises their voice because you had an ex that did that) or completely subconscious and you can’t figure out where it’s coming from.

•Having abuse or trauma in your past

•Having repressed memories

•Any emotional out-of-controlness

The list can go on and on and on. And we always have something to work on, even me.

But if you’re ready for transformative healing that empowers you to step into your highest self and revel in your wild, then this is for you.

Still not sure? Contact me, I’d be happy to chat about your specific concern and honestly advise if this work is for you or not.

Much Munay!