Planting Seeds of Intuition

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Intuition: it’s not just for women! It’s that gut instinct that you don’t realize was right until you go against it. It’s that voice that tells you something is off about a person when you meet them or to call a loved one and miraculously they’re upset or in need to talk to someone.

We’re all connected to this divine web of information that comes from a higher power. Whether you hear that voice as God, Source, an ancestor, different Hindu gods and goddesses, archetypes, etc., depends your own personal belief system. It remains that when we do this, we are tapping into a higher consciousness that is meant to guide us through our highest journey. Of course you can ignore it, just like I did this morning when I woke up 15 minutes before my alarm clock and decided to sleep the extra time, knowing damn well that I don’t work that way and would end up sleeping harder and straight through the alarm. Guess what happened? I slept 3 hours past my alarm and missed my appointment. But when it comes to larger things, I try my best to really listen to my intuition, even if it is against what I want to hear (like sleeping a little extra).

The larger things in life is where I depend on my connection the most, like major decisions, reading people I’m considering doing business with, figuring out the root of random mood swings, but most of all it’s my source of information when I’m doing healing sessions with clients. Hence: this post. Many of my clients always ask how I do it or comment that they don’t have ‘the gift.’ Yes, I won’t lie, some people are born with it naturally and just have to work on honing it in. I’ve always been sensitive, but not near as receptive as I am today. It is totally possible to cultivate this intuitive sense to aid in navigating your own destiny waters.

Start with meditation. No matter how busy your life is, you can’t tell me you can’t make 15 minutes for you. If that’s the case, you may need to reevaluate and let go of some things! Take at least 15 minutes after you wake up, for me coffee has to come in between, and just sit with yourself. Check in. Are you feeling a little edgy? Ask yourself why. I often ask for a daily focus-what should I focus on throughout the day? Sometimes it comes as spreading more love, communicate better, spend some time alone, etc. I also use oracle cards for some questions. For me intuition blog (4 of 4)they act as a buffer, something tangible for me to read into. Journaling your experience can really help. Sometimes through writing it down, I gain more insight.

I also find it helpful to have a dedicated space to go to, pictured at the top of the page. This is my altar. It holds my mesa and many crystals and trinkets that are dear to me. From making this a daily practice, my brain flips into that centered mode as soon as I sit on my little pillow.

The cool thing is you can internally do this at any time of the day! Meeting a new potential business partner? Check in with your gut-ask, “Will I benefit from this relationship?” Feeling suddenly irritated? Ask, “What is causing this influx of frustration and how can I shift it?”

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There are also so many essential oils, herbs, and oil blends that are so great for aiding in calming your mind and triggering that activation of Theta brain waves that we go into during meditation. This gets you out of your logical brain and allows for clearer messages to come through via your intuition.

Crystals are also a great way to enhance your intuition. Some great ones are good ol’ quartz, aquamarine, amethyst, celestite, moss agate, malachite, azurite, labradorite, magnetite, and blue kyanite. There are SO many ways to use crystals, but a couple easy ways are holding them while meditating and carrying them/wearing them throughout your day.

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The hardest part of cultivating your intuition is trusting it. Like this morning, even I second guess it sometimes, but I’m always proven that I should have listened. Most people expect it to come in the form of vivid images right in front of your eyes or an outside voice, and for some it can, but I have learned that it is more of a ‘from within’ feeling. We all talk to ourselves, right? All day we’re having conversations in our head. The day my intuition amped up was the day I realized I wasn’t talking to myself, I was talking to my Self. That inner voice IS your connection! Ask it questions and trust that what comes in is from that higher consciousness! At first it will take more effort, like sitting and allowing your mind to find stillness before tapping in, but soon you’ll find that you’re using it without even noticing.

I do sometimes get images too, more so during sessions, but for the most part my intuition comes as clairsentience and claircognizance. Yes, there are so many ways it can come to you! My biggest suggestion is to not hold expectations on how you will receive messages from your intuition. To see more ‘standard’ ways, here’s a link I found with a quick search: Click Here. But please don’t read these and think it’s the only way!

This is my best shot at guiding and empowering you to listen to your connection in this crazy world we currently live in. Of course it is just the tip of the iceberg and everyone’s experience will differ, but the main point of all of this is to let you know that you have it, it’s there waiting to be cultivated. Get to know your Self!











Creating from Within


SO many people meditate, which is fantastically superb. Meditation can help with many things such as anxiety, depression, stress, etc. There are also many who use meditation as a form of prayer, asking Spirit/God/the Divine to send blessings and specific things they are trying to bring into their lives.

I have done this for years. You know how it goes, usually sounding something like, “I ask that you send abundance and health to my life.” Well the past couple of years, while training at the Austin Shamanic Center, I gained a great tool that has amplified my vibrations and taken me out of a place of ‘begging’ if you will. Honestly, that’s what it would feel like to me!

I’ll start with a story from my teacher (I will try to remember it as close as possible, but the main message is definitely in there). There was a great drought in Peru. The people were suffering, the crops were dying, and something had to be done. A shaman sat in a hut for 3 days, when finally it started raining.When the Shaman came out, the people asked if it was from praying for rain, and Shaman responded, “No, I did not pray FOR rain. I PRAYED RAIN.”

I’ll be quite frank. It took me a while to wrap my brain around this one. What does it mean to pray rain? I will now offer any words to make this make sense, but will tell you that like me, it will take practice to get this one.

Essentially what the Shaman was doing was raising his vibrations to the frequency of having rain rather than simply asking Spirit, “Hey, can you please bring rain?” By adjusting his/her frequency (or vibes) they were able to receive more easily. There is a similar story I was once told where instead praying for rain, the Hopi sit and visualize themselves covered in mud (because you can’t have mud without rain).

This is the premise I’ve been working with in my own personal meditation, and I am astonished at the progress I’ve made on my own personal journey as well as a more communal one.

Those who know me well know I swear by starting my day with at least sitting down with my mesa for 15 minutes, usually more, to ground down and feel that connection to Source. It gives me a great base to start my day with, putting me in a place of centeredness as well as gratitude. Best of all, it reminds me of my connection and allows me to tap into that throughout the day. During my mediation, my goal is to go through and focus on what I’m trying to bring into my life and not simply ask for it, but feel it, emanate it, be thankful before I even get it. For example I pray success, I pray abundance, I pray stability. I visualize myself busy with clients and not worrying about bills. You will feel the difference, you will see the shift.

No matter what, I have been ending all of my meditations with gratitude. Not only for things I’ve received and the people who support me, but also for all those who didn’t, yet led/pushed me to the beautiful place I am. This alone has aided in healing deep wounds left from those who previously hurt me greatly.

I will leave you with this: Spirit does not honor what is not in ayni, or right relationship. This is all work toward a goal. We don’t always get what we want because we don’t know the bigger picture. Be patient with your practice. Get to know yourself and your relationship with Spirit while doing this-you may even see your wants/needs shift! There is no magical way to manifest a million dollars over night. But if you start practicing in this way, you will see Spirit support you in ways you couldn’t imagine, and sometimes in ways you weren’t expecting.

Feel free to share your own stories if you try this-I would love to hear about it! Also, I would be happy to elaborate if any of this isn’t clear. Just drop a line in the comments!

Much Munay,